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Erin Chambers (Rochelle Aytes) is Brooklyn, Colorado’s director of community development – and daughter of Mayor Raymond Chambers (Peter Bryant, “Riverdale”), who wants her to follow in his political footsteps. Erin is responsible for promoting the struggling burg as a top holiday destination to boost tourism, which includes organizing the campaign’s main event: the town square tree lighting. She stumbles across the perfect spruce belonging to Kevin Snyder (Mark Taylor), a single firefighter, and his adopted daughter Claire (Grace Sunar, “Snowpiercer”). When she mistakenly posts the photo she took of it to the town’s social media account instead of her own, the local paper runs with the story and her father the mayor falls in love with the idea of having a tree from the site of the original town square. Unfortunately, Kevin doesn’t want to part with it. Erin is expected to secure the spruce for the tree lighting and hopes she’ll eventually be able to change his mind. As they spend more time together thanks to his new role as safety advisor for the tree lighting, they become close and Erin forms a strong bond with Claire. But an unexpected turn of events puts a halt to their budding romance and prompts Erin to make a last-ditch effort to put things right and make it a Merry Christmas for all.

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