Roomies - Quantico Season 2 Episode 1
It looks like Alex is rooming with Dayana Mampasi, played by Pearl Thus. Will they become as close as Alex and Shelby were? It's unclear right now, but it doesn't look like Dayana wants to talk with Alex at all.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 1: "Kudove"
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Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: I just saw a dead man.
Shelby: What man, and what makes you think that he's dead?
Alex: Because I'm the one who killed him.

Alex: You know, sometimes I wish we said no, to the mission, to all of this.
Ryan: There was no mission, Alex. We were chasing ghosts.
Alex: They weren't ghosts, Ryan. They were just smarter than us.