Rosita is a Mother - The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1
Much time has passed since the Whisperer attack and Rosita is now a mother.

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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1: "Lines We Cross"
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Michonne: You know, we may never find an answer to this.
Aaron: They covered their tracks. There's a mask, there's a reason.

Michonne: Well, that was stupid. We agreed not to cross their borders and start anything without a reason. I lost Rick on a... If it was them, you could have died. And it wasn't them, and you could have died, for what?
Aaron: We've all been acting like this is normal. Holding our breaths for months. This isn't normal.
Michonne: We have to keep our cool or they win.
Aaron: I've been keeping my cool my whole life, I've always been the nice guy. The good samaritan, but the thing is, Eric is dead, Jesus is dead, and I'm god damn sick of being nice.
Michonne: Good, because nice never got me anywhere. But smart did. They have a nuclear weapon and we don't. It's not about being nice or good or anything, but keeping our people alive and not having them die over nothing. Believe me. I hate this too.
Aaron: We should get back before dark.