I Just Want You - Season 4

After 4 seasons, Kate showed up at Castle's door to tell him exactly what she wanted. The kiss up against the door in "Always" left shipper hearts aflutter for the entire summer.

Castle Season 4 Finale Scene

It's our favorite investigate foursome. The Castle quartet looks into a case here on the season four finale, "Always."

Beckett, Espo and Ryan

Beckett, Espo and Ryan look on in this Castle scene. It's from the episode titled "Always."

Coffee Talking

This is what Castle fans want to see: Beckett and Castle sharing coffee. Okay, they want to see them sharing a lot more than coffee.

Season Finale Crime Scene

We're at the crime scene here of the Castle season four finale. Look for feelings to be exposed on "Always."

Beckett on the Run

The season four finale of Castle focuses on Kate Beckett. Specifically, the search for her mother's killer.

Car Investigation

Castle and Beckett investigate a car on this season four finale photo. The name of the episode is "Always."

Castle Season Finale Photo

Beckett has many questions on the season four finale of Castle. She's getting a strange look here for asking them.

Castle Up Close

Castle has his intense face on for this scene from the season four finale. It's titled "Always."

A Priest on Castle

Castle and Beckett are joined here by a priest. It's a scene from the finale of season four.

Castle Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

I keep waiting for that other shoe to drop. What if this is that other shoe?


Either this is the most boring dream I've ever had or you can't sleep either.