Private Practice Bride and Groom

Jake slips the all-important ring on to Addison's finger in this Private Practice finale scene. Let's hear it for the bride and groom!

Watching Addison Get Married

Give Sam a few moments here. He must watch as Addison married Jake.

The Wedding Guests

Let's hear it for the bride and groom. Okay, this scene may be a bit awkward for Sam.

Cheering for Addison

These Private Practice characters have a reason to stand and cheer. Addison is a married woman!

Cooper and Charlotte at the Wedding

Cooper and Charlotte attend Addison's wedding in this photo. We are so happy for them!

Here Comes the Private Practice Bride

Addison makes her way down the aisle in this Private Practice finale scene. Altogether now: AWWWW!

Private Practice Finale Scene

Jake slips a ring on Addison's finger in this Private Practice finale scene. We are gonna need a Kleenex.

Married Addison

It's the moment Private Practice fans have been waiting for. Addison is married!

Addison at the Altar

Addison has found her man! She flashes a smile at Jake on the Private Practice series finale.

Return of Naomi

Audra McDonald is back! No way could Naomi miss her good friend's wedding, right?

At Addison's Wedding

It's time to say goodbye to Private Practice. But not before these folks attend Addison's wedding!

Private Practice Wedding Photo

Yes, they do! Addison and Jake get married in this Private Practice final photo.

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Then slowly, over time, everything changes. And you're no longer this young thing, and you don't believe in fairytales and "perfect" isn't in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, here is this man and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking I could love this person for the rest of my life.


Is there anything greater than being in love?