Luke Perry as Fred Andrews Questions Archie - Riverdale

The late Luke Perry, as Fred Andrews, has many concerns about his son Archie and frequently questions him about events in the cryptic town of Riverdale.

Starcrossed Lovers - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Fangs and Midge want to be together, but unless Fangs can complete his mission of being a big star, her parents will keep them apart.

Choni Forever - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz found their way back to each other through all the hurdles and hills that kept them apart.

Basketball Star - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Reggie Mantle has made it big on the court at Riverdale High. Will those skills take him far outside of high school?

Musical Man - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Kevin Keller has dreams of making it big on Broadway and creating his own musicals. Will his dream come true?

Big Dreams - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Alice Cooper had big dreams before she got married to Hal. Will she explore them now that she has accepted the truth?

The Author - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Jughead Jones has been narrating the adventures through Riverdale during the last seven seasons. He has set the path.

B & V Forever - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodges are best friends until the end. Hopefully nothing will ever tear them apart.

All Smiles - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

The friends are all sharing good times and plenty of good memories in their days at Riverdale High together.

The Memories - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper know the complete truth of the original timeline. They're living with the good and the bad.

Milkshakes - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

If there's one thing you can count on at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe, it will be the delicious milkshakes.

Mother & Son - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Mary Andrews will always be there for her son Archie. She'll stand by him if he decides to travel the world.

Riverdale Quotes

Alice: These diaries are your past, and your past is crushing you. Edgar says that...
Betty: What, Mom? What does some guru who’s running a heaven’s gate commune for pregnant runaways and wives of serial killers have to say about my diaries?
Alice: We know that you look down on the Farm, Betty. But, Edgar has done nothing but help me. He’s encouraged me to embrace everything that I was ashamed of and become the best version of myself.

Veronica: What's happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?
Jughead: I have a strong inkling, and no. Also, I'd let it go.
Veronica: Yes, but you're you and I'm me. You do you, girl. I'll be back.
[She leaves]
Kevin: What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember.