Elena Gilbert Transformation

Elena has a mischievous smile on her face in this Vampire Diaries still. And a brand new hair color.

The New Elena Gilbert

Elena walks the streets of New York in this Vampire Diaries still. Do you like her new hair color?

Colored Hair

Elena has ditched both her humanity and her old hair color. She shows off a new look in this "Because the Night" still.

Elena's New Hair

It's the new Elena! What do you think of the fresh hairstyle on this vampire?

Lexi and Damon

Lexi and Damon have a history together. This is a scene from "Because the Night."

1970s Damon

Damon Salvatore in the 1970s? He had a very different look than he has now.

Lexi at the Bar

It's the return of Lexi! And she is having fun in this Vampire Diaries scene.


It's the return of Lexi! We flash back here to her time with Damon in New York City.

Damon in NYC

What was Damon like in the 1970s? Vampire Diaries fans will find out on "Because the Night."

Because the Night Scene

Damon Salvatore is the focus of this photo. It's from the episode "Because the Night."

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Stefan: Where is she now?
Damon: Maybe eating a hot dog... vendor.

You wanted to feed? I brought you to a city-sized buffet.


The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 17 Music

  Song Artist
Arms And Enemies The Quiet Kind iTunes
Heartbeat Kopecky Family Band iTunes
Psycho Killer Harper Blynn iTunes