Tree Decorating - Christmas at the Chalet

Teri Hatcher stars as Lex Riley, a woman who rediscovers herself and life after a trip to Aspen in Christmas at the Chalet.

Influencer Life - Christmas at the Chalet

Lex Riley (Teri Hatcher) rediscovers a new opportunity by becoming a social media influencer after her divorce.

Serving the Ex - Christmas at the Chalet

Lex is annoyed that she has to serve her ex-husband and his new girlfriend at a chalet in Aspen.

Ski Bunny - Christmas at the Chalet

Lex learns to ski so she can spend time with her son and ex-husband on Christmas at the Chalet, starring Teri Hatcher.

Fun on the Slopes - Christmas at the Chalet

Lex and Eric have fun on the slopes and taking pictures and videos for her social media influencing career.

Teri Hatcher Photo

Teri Hatcher at Simon G. Jewelry's "Summer Soiree" in Las Vegas, NV.

Desperate Housewives Quotes

Dr. Barr: Hey there. I was surprised to hear you wanted a session.
Bree: Well, there's nothing like being tied to a bed to change a girl's mind.
Dr. Barr: What do you wanna talk about?
Bree: Anything at all. As you said, I...I have a lot of issues.
Dr. Barr: Well, I assumed as much when you told the ridiculous story about your daughter running off with a murderer.
Bree: Saw right through that, did ya?
Dr. Barr: Well, I'm a trained professional, Bree. The human mind is my playground.
Bree: Well, I'm glad that you're having fun.

(to dead body) "Tu me manques, Monique" ("I Miss You Monique").