The Charming Mr. Delos - Westworld
Ben Barnes as Logan Delos in HBO's Westworld (2016)

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People seem to have forgotten, the more you enjoy sales, the more money you make. But if you're gonna stay out all night, iron the box lines out of your shirt.


When I was a summer analyst at Solomon, my boss looked like Newman from Seinfeld. Like Newman, if he was a linebacker. He once said to me, "I used to think if there was such a thing as reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president, or the pope, or a 400 baseball hitter. But now, I want to come back as the Bond Market because it intimidates everybody." People like us, born at the bottom. Where would you put our percentage chance of ever making that top quintile? It's about 3%. That's intimidating; we intimidate people here. Why is that? Because hunger is not a birthright. Your qualifications don't have to be a problem for you because they don't have to be a problem for me. Understand what I'm saying?