The Waiting Game - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 17
After the shooting, Scott waits in the hospital to learn if his mother is going to pull through. After this, Scott's done playing it safe when it comes to Gerard. It's time for war.

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Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 17: "Werewolves of London"
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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Scott: No more peace summits. No more running. No more half measures.
Malia: What's the plan?
Scott: We fight back.
Malia: I'm good with that plan.

Melissa: Listen to me, you didn't do this.
Scott: But I'm responsible. You need to sleep.
Melissa: I just need to tell you.
Scott: It can wait.
Melissa: It can't wait!
Scott: Mom.
Melissa: Don't run. You fight.