Thinking About What's Best - This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16
Randall thinks about what's best for an aged, ailing Rebecca on This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16.

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This Is Us
This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16: "Family Meeting"
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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Sophie: Oh wow, this place really is a time capsule, isn't it?
Beth: Tell me about it. I found some of my Tommy Girl perfume in the cabinet.
Philip: Maybe we should go back to the house. Perhaps we could be of service?
Beth: Oh, poor sweet naive Philip. You can't help those three. Nobody can. It's been seven days since Miguel died, so that means seven days for my husband's mind to spin out while he's trying to decide what's best for his mother.

Randall: How long is she going to be like this? Asking for Miguel?
Kate: It's only been a week.
Kevin: Has anyone seen Sophie? She was gone when I got out of the shower.
Randall: She went with Beth and Philip to get bagels. Beth said this sadness needs carbs.