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In the past, Rebecca can't get Jack to wake up when one of the babies is crying. A few years later, Kate has a bad dream and wants waffles at 5 AM. Jack seems to sleep through all of it.

Teenage Randall wakes Rebecca up at 4:30 AM to sign a permission slip.

In the present, Rebecca awakens and calls for Miguel. The nurse comes and Rebecca keeps asking for Miguel. Kate comes in. She asks Randall and Kevin to help with the pillow. Rebecca won't stop asking where Miguel is.

The next morning, no one has slept. Randall wonders how long this will go on for. Kevin asks where Sophie is.

Nicky arrives with the kids. They are going out on a day trip. Randall thinks the Big Three need a family meeting to discuss Rebecca's care. Kevin thinks Rebecca should stay here. Randall thinks now that Miguel has passed away this is not a good idea. Kate agrees to a meeting. Beth and Philip arrive and Beth somehow knows the Big Three are talking about what to do.

Beth says she, Philip, and Sophie will go to the cabin to be away from the energy while the Big Three talk.

In the past, someone calls at 1:30 AM. She knocks on someone's door and says she's sorry. The woman says it's been rough and she's so sorry about Jack. Rebecca makes the kids get in the car. Randall has a split lip. Later, Rebecca asks Randall what happened. These idiots at the party got Kate drunk and were going to take advantage of her. He didn't allow it.

In the present, Randall and Kevin agree the Chinese food is superior. Then the two of them try to talk at once. Kate takes out the therapy cat she bought for Rebecca to use as a talking stick. The guys don't like this idea.

Philip thinks they should head back to the house but the women convince him that he can't help and do a convincing imitation of their husbands. Meanwhile, Randall thinks Rebecca should move to Philly with him.

Kate tells Rebecca that she's a dud and Rebecca should be glad that she has two other kids who aren't.

The adult Kate is sitting quietly while Randall and Kevin argue. Kevin asks for Kate's opinion. Kate thinks they should keep talking. Kevin says that building that house for Rebecca was the only good thing he's ever done and he  will fight for Rebecca's wishes.

Kate has lost a tooth. The other two kids want pancakes and Kevin plans to catch the tooth fairy. Randall tells Rebecca he is scared of the tooth fairy. He doesn't want a stranger in his room. Rebecca tells him the truth about the tooth fairy.

Kevin tells Randall that Rebecca told them at Thanksgiving that time - Randall says he thinks Rebecca would want this. Kevin says you can't override her wishes, especially when she left Kate in charge. Randall says Kate has not said a word.

In the past, Rebecca paints little Kate's nails and Kate complains that everyone is ahead of her because she hasn't lost her teeth yet.

In the present Rebecca comes into the room. The nurse says Rebecca wanted to put on makeup herself. She looks good. Kate asks if she can go on the walk with Rebecca and the nurse. Randall tells Kevin that this is not our mom. He says Rebecca always knew exactly what each one of them needed. He says they have to do right by her, and that's not leaving her alone in this house.

In the past, Jack is away on business and Rebecca can't get baby Kate to sleep. She watches a soap opera with Kate and falls asleep, waking up to discover Kate has fallen onto the floor.

In the present, Kate takes Rebecca for a walk and points out the hummingbirds while Philip watches from a window. Beth and Sophie talk about Chinese food. Beth thinks getting sucked into the drama is not worth it. Philip doesn't like that Beth and Sophie are laughing about this situation.

Kate asks to sit with Rebecca til she sleeps. Rebecca says whatever you want. Kate reads to her.

In the past a freaked out Rebecca calls Dr. K to ask him to call her back and reassure her that Kate is all right.

Kate calls Toby to check on the kids. He asks how it is going over there. Kate tells him that Rebecca can't remember that Miguel is gone and Kevin and Randall are fighting. She can't decide what's best. Toby asks for permission to overstep. He tells her she's what the kids call a "baller" but when she gets around her brothers she becomes this unsteady version of herself and he doesn't get it. He says her mom chose her for a reason.

In the past, Rebecca is checking on baby Kate and is relieved to find she is okay.

Jack calls Rebecca in. She's exhausted. Kevin has had an accident in the bed.

Beth sneaks in to get Chinese food. Randall asks to talk to her. She knows he wants to move Rebecca into their house. Randall says he has to be in charge of the day-to-day care since Kate is overwhelmed. Beth tells him not to underestimate his sister. She thinks he's talking about versions of his siblings that no longer exist.

Kevin is talking to Madison and Elijah who are excited about the fresh air up here. Sophie comes to check on him. He thought that building this house would recreate the life Rebecca once had. He's been fighting Randall all day but maybe he's right.  Kate tells Kevin to get Randall so they can talk.

Kate says she will make the decision, but first her brothers need to look at Rebecca. She says Randall won't even look Rebecca in the eye so how can he take care of her? And Kevin has been touching her less and less.

After a flashback of Rebecca giving baby Kevin a bath, Randall brushes Rebecca's hair and Kevin puts lotion on her hands.

In flashback we see Rebecca and Jack discovering the Rebecca is pregnant. Jack tells her it will be one baby and two of us (hah!)

Everyoe at the cabin eats Chinese food. Kate says she has an announcement about Mom. She tells Randall that Rebecca living with him is not an option, but neither is keeping her here without family. She and Philip will find the best place for Rebecca to live. Kevin asks if he can offer another idea. He said that looking at Rebecca helped him. He will honor Kate's wishes but he and Sophie would like to move in here.

Kate says she can't allow Kevin to move away from his children. Madison says she and Elijah hated LA and were only staying there because of Kevin. Nicky and Edie also want to move in here. Kate finally agrees. Kevin reassures Randall that he is up for this. Kate says maybe this was the reason all along that there are three of them.

In the past, Rebecca teaches Kevin how to tie his shoes. In the present, Kevin ties Rebecca's shoes for her and tasks her outside where the kids are playing. Randall comes to visit and brings Walnut Shrimp and reeads to Rebecca. In the past, Rebecca reads Goodnight Moon to baby Randall.

Chinese food appears to be the new thing as the montage continues with the Big Three getting food and Kate feeding Rebecca. We see the little Big Three. eating Rebecca's cooking. The adult Big Three put Rebecca to bed while Rebecca puts the baby Big Three to bed. 

Then we see Kevin calling Randall to say there's not much time and he and Beth should get up here with the girls.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Sophie: Oh wow, this place really is a time capsule, isn't it?
Beth: Tell me about it. I found some of my Tommy Girl perfume in the cabinet.
Philip: Maybe we should go back to the house. Perhaps we could be of service?
Beth: Oh, poor sweet naive Philip. You can't help those three. Nobody can. It's been seven days since Miguel died, so that means seven days for my husband's mind to spin out while he's trying to decide what's best for his mother.

Randall: How long is she going to be like this? Asking for Miguel?
Kate: It's only been a week.
Kevin: Has anyone seen Sophie? She was gone when I got out of the shower.
Randall: She went with Beth and Philip to get bagels. Beth said this sadness needs carbs.