Torres Distracts the Widow - NCIS Season 15 Episode 23
Torres distracts Phil Brooks' wife Marcy while Phil sneaks out with Gibbs in NCIS Season 15 Episode 23, "Fallout."

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 23: "Fallout"
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NCIS Season 15 Episode 23 Quotes

Brooks: You wanna chime in?
Gibbs: Nope. Still waitin’.
Brooks: For?
Gibbs: The reason you are down here!
Brooks: Just told you! Somebody wants me dead.
Gibbs: Who?!
Brooks: I don’t know! That’s why *you’re* here!
Gibbs: No, it’s *not*, Phil! It’s not! I am here for your *memorial*!
Brooks: What!? It’s only been a few days!
Gibbs [in disbelief]: SIX! It’s been SIX DAYS, Phil!

Torres: It wouldn’t be the first time that someone wants to kill their landlord.
McGee: You have proof, or you speaking from personal experience?
Torres: Personal experience.
McGee: Oof.

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