Turk and J.D. Talk
When Turk and J.D. are a little upset with each other, Elliot and Carla trick them into going into the on-call room to talk.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 17: "My Chief Concern"
J.D., Turk
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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Denise: I don't know why I keep jumping into bed with him. My confidence is shot from screwing up that spinal last week and then yesterday I misdiagnosed a ectopic pregnancy. I dunno maybe I wanted to do I knew I could do right. Like banging a dude. I'm a giant ho bag.
Elliot: No, no you're not. So is Derek a good guy?
Denise: Derek? I thought it was Eric

Kim: Hey, J.D., since you're coming around my hospital a lot more often now, I was hoping maybe you could dress a little nicer and maybe say smell you later a little less often or just stop completely?
J.D.: Are you sure? It's hilarious
Kim: It's not.