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Make you feel my love Make You Feel My Love ADELE iTunes
Song Mad, Mad World Mozella
This is 1 This Is Lizz Wright iTunes
Soulmate Soulmate Natasha Bedingfield iTunes
Song Whatta Man Love Grenade
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Victory: You are going to love working from home. There's so many perks.
Wendy: Hmm?
Victory: You don't have a grumpy boss in the morning unless you haven't had your coffee
Wendy: It's a reasonable commute
Victory: Private bathroom.. Deal or no Deal is just a quick click away

Doctor: Do we have our winner?
Nico: Well.. 297 intrigued me. He's smart, healthy, talented. Too bad my eggs and I didn't meet him at a restaurant or a party instead of a Petri dish