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Yellow bird Yellow Bird Bess Rogers iTunes
The sounds of silence The Sounds Of Silence Simon and Garfunkel iTunes
Quiet hearts Quiet Hearts Amy Stroup iTunes
Optimism Optimism Jarrod Gorbel iTunes
On your way 1 On Your Way The Little Heroes iTunes
Song In the Moonlight Susie Suh iTunes
Song Calls Me Home Shannon LaBrie iTunes
Already fell Already Fell The Music Dept iTunes
Brooklyn Brooklyn Wakey!Wakey! iTunes
Angel flying too close to the ground Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground Willie Nelson iTunes
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One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Brooke: You're exactly what Haley needs right now.
Nathan: Well, she's always been everything to us. Now it's time for us to be her everything. In sickness and in health, right? For better or worse.

(to Haley) Your mother was proud of you. And it would break her heart to know that her beautiful, kind, inspiring daughter was suffering like this. I know that because I'm a mother. And so are you. Now, our lives are difficult, and our loss unbearable sometimes. So grieve... and struggle, and you find your way back on your own terms and in your own way. But remember this... your mother would want you to be vibrant and inspiring in the face of losing her. She'd want you to fight your pain with all you've got. Because that's the daughter that she raised. That's the daughter that she loved.