Song Artist
Talking heads burning down the house Burning Down the House Talking Heads iTunes
Kenny loggins footloose Footloose Kenny Loggins iTunes
Jerry honigman hold me all night Hold Me All Night Jerry Honigman iTunes
Modern english i melt with you I Melt With You Modern English iTunes
The three oclock jetfighter Jetfighter The Three O'Clock iTunes
Depeche mode just cant get enough Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode iTunes
Shannon let the music play Let the Music Play Shannon iTunes
Song Material Girl The Bird & The Bee
Cobra verde temptation Temptation Cobra Verde iTunes
Jerry honigman the way you love me The Way You Love Me Jerry Honigman iTunes
Laid back white horse White Horse Laid Back iTunes
Girls just want to have fun Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper iTunes
Blue monday Blue Monday New Order iTunes
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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.


It's always the same dream. I'm in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine. But then I always wake up. The same old Carrie Bradshaw in Castlebury Connecticut.