Flynn salvatore

Flynn Salvatore

About me huh? Well, I can start by saying I am a scorpio. I am a guy, and not yet a man. Minus the boy lable. I know I still have some growing up to do, but why rush it when, life is so long? Haha, thats how I see it. I mean most of the time I see things differently then others. For example, you see a positive, and I see a negative. I see a positive, and you see a negative. So on, and so far. I'm a misunderstood male, I mean who isn't in this time of year? Anyhow, I am an extreme role player. I love to write out actions, and quotes, and poems. I have the tendency to Rp/roleplay on various game sites that allow you to do so. Like for example, IMVU. I spend most of my free time, role playing on there. I have created a character that many love, and some hate. (Flynn Salvatore) I create pictures of him, and lable him as many things. Examples: Vampire, Elf, Werewolf, Hells Angel, Etc. I write about him alot. People enjoy my writing, and I enjoy giving them a taste of my creativity. Its a passion of mine, writing. I have not yet written a book, because I believe that goal in my life should await me, when I am much older. Doing it now, will accomplish nothing really but headaches. Back to me. Haha. Yea so thats my passion, and I love to write about Flynn. I created him when I was in like 7 grade. I don't really remember what age I was then. But when I was introduced into Role play, I role played myself. But that caused problems for me. So I decided to use him. The problems were all dull, and lame to me. I mean come on, we all know I am some what human. And the thing is, if I am role playing as myself around a bunch of inhuman characters, we all know i am going to be ripped to shreds. Plus sometimes, I do not know how to hold my tongue. Never learned how to. I don't stand by while people try to degrade me. OR anything of the sort. I don't talk to much, but when I do. I am heard. Ah that brings me to the whole real and fake stuff. Ok don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the so called real people or the fake ones. I just know I prefer to be in fantasy land, then in the real world because life and death is over rated. When some one come to me with real talk, trust that my tendency to listen have left the zone. Lol. On the cool, it gets tiring. I mean come on, I don't want to sit there and listen to someone else's problems, and etc. I mean I can, but I choose not too. Then when I tell them that, they get all butt hurt. As if I had remorse. Lol. I say it bluntly and grimly. Know that I do not allow myself to be caught in the drama zone, but I like to watch from a safe distance. Lol. Those that argue gets ignored with a passion. I mean who is to decide what is real, and what is fake? US? Really? Us? When we all fall down ,and scrape a knee, I believe our blood is the same color, its just mine is a little darker. Lol. Only one thing I can not stand, I mean really one thing. Is a liar. I can't stand someone to get in my face, and attempt to lie to me. Its like really? You are going to do it right here in my face? Your not going to wait until I get home, and call me? Lol. For real though. Its sickening. Can't stand a liar. Yes I believe they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell. Thats being me, and no i'm not evil. Just misunderstood...

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