Daniel: Madison! What did you do?
Madison: I'm done with second chances. Troy was right. That's what got Alicia killed. That's why I had to do this. If I didn't, I'd be putting you all at risk. This is how we survive. This is how PADRE survives.
Troy: You have to fight f-for Tracy like you fought for Nick and Alicia.
Madison: Why would I do anything you say?
Troy: 'Cause she's not my daughter.
Madison: No. You said your wife was pregnant when Alicia helped you.
Troy: She was. But she died before the baby could be born.
Madison: No! If Serena's not Tracy's mother, who is?
Troy: Alicia. I-I took her child to make up for what I lost.

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Madison Clark, Troy Otto
Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11: "Fighting Like You"
Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Tracy: Mom. She pulled loose. We need to tighten the ropes.
Troy: Oh, she's fine. She's not gonna hurt us. You know, when we get to PADRE, she's gonna be the one to make Madison pay for everything she's done. What's wrong?
Tracy: Why does Mom have to kill Madison?
Troy: Well, you know why. She's Alicia's mother. She put the thinking in her head that got people killed. We can't let what happened to Mom happen to anyone else.
Tracy: I know all that.
Troy: So, what's wrong?
Tracy: This.
Troy: Your necklace?
Tracy: Victor said it belonged to Alicia. She... She killed Mom. Why would you want me to wear her necklace?
Troy: Do you know how many St. Christopher's medallions there are?
Tracy: But Victor said...
Troy: Well, Victor's mistaken. She gave it to me when she died. And she made me promise that I would give it to you to keep you safe. Which is what I've been doing ever since.

Victor: There was a time you'd have thanked me for such a thing.
Madison: Enough people have died because of me. I can't put the rest of you at risk.
Victor: The rest is not that many, Madison.
Madison: What are you talking about?
Victor: It's just me and our newly found friends of Alicia here. The rest retreated to the island to escape the herd. All of you should do the same.