Pote: The other day he thought I fell asleep here on the couch. He pulled out a gun on me.
Kelly Anne: He what? What did you do?
Pote: Nothing, I just lay here waiting for him to pull the trigger but he couldn’t, not yet, at least.
Kelly Anne: So you were just going to let him kill you.
Pote: All my life I’ve lived by the sword, I figure I’ll die by it too.

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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 8: "Secretos y Mentiras"
Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes, Queen of the South Quotes
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Tony: You have me living with my father’s killer.
Teresa: Tony?
Tony: You’re no better than the people you say you’re protecting me from. I’m going back to Mexico and I never want to see you again.

Rene, he was a son of a bitch but he was my blood, and I promise you, whoever did this will pay with theirs. Them and everyone they love. Amen.

Judge LaFayette