Jeanette: Can I come see you?
Carson: For what?
Jeanette: I want to come talk to you. Can I do that?
Carson: We can talk.
Jeanette: Raelynn's in jail. She failed a drug test. She keeps saying it's a mistake, sometimes they make mistakes.
Carson: What's gonna happen to her?
Jeanette: It's a parole violation. In the meantime, I need to keep myself going.
Carson: You need money.
Jeanette: I need to come home.
Carson: And all this stuff about you trying to find yourself or taking a stand for the workers... it all goes away?

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American Crime Season 3 Episode 7: "3.08"
American Crime
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Dustin: They won't let me leave.
Kimara: Nobody's stopping you from going anywhere.
Dustin: Then why won't they let me leave?
Kimara: Because you're a minor. They want to make sure you have a safe place to go. Do you have anywhere to go?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: When I asked you before if you wanted us to call anybody, you didn't say anything. Do you want us to call someone?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Do you want me to talk to them about getting you a bus voucher?
Dustin: No.
Kimara: Look, Dustin, I'm leaving soon. You're gonna be assigned another case worker.
Dustin: You don't care.
Kimara: What do you want me to do? You call me, I come. I come, you don't say nothing.

Clair: Want to say good morning to your father?
Nicky: Good morning, Daddy.
Clair: Can you.... say good morning to Nicky?