April: Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, I spent a long time in the COVID ward. I saw patients on ventilators for weeks. A lot of them suffered emotional trauma from their time in the ICU.
Mrs. Forbes: Wait. You think this is all in my head?
April: Considering the stress you've been under for the past few months, it would be understandable if this was anxiety based.
Mr. Forbes: She's not imagining this.
Marcel: No, no one is saying she is. Anxiety, if that's what's behind this, can cause very real symptoms.
Mr. Forbes: You can't do anything to help my wife?
Marcel: We'll continue to monitor her, run tests. But -
Mr. Forbes: BUT WHAT?
Marcel: If all else fails, it can't hurt to speak to one of our in-house psychiatrists.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12: "Some Things Are Worth The Risk"
Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Nat: You know this guy?
Will: Yeah. One of my trial patients.

Anna: I get that I'm grounded, but why do I have to come to work with you?
Charles: Because we need to talk.
Anna: I thought we talked plenty last night.
Charles: This is the third time I caught you sneaking out of the house. The third time I found your bed stuffed with clothes.
Anna: You never let me do anything! I'm like a prisoner!
Charles: I would like to be able to let you do more things, but that requires a certain level of trust. Pro-tip: If you want to be trusted, don't sneak out of the house in the middle of the night.