Captain Andersen: Do you know why I chose to ride with you today?
Officer Chen: No, ma’am.
Captain Andersen: Because you impress me. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got a lot to learn but I’m proud to have you under my command.

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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 10: "Flesh and Blood"
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes, The Rookie Quotes
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Riding with the Captain is a huge responsibility. If anything happens to her, well, I don’t even know how to finish that sentence.

Officer Bishop

Officer Nolan: Sgt. Grey, I’d be honored if you rode with Officer West today.
Sgt. Grey: That’s cute, Officer Nolan, but you know my heart belongs to you.
Officer Nolan: Lucky me.