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Captain Anderson and Sgt. Grey are in uniform and riding patrol for the day, each with a rookie. The Captain rides with Officer Lucy Chen while Sgt. Grey rides with Officer John Nolan.


Nolan’s son, Henry is visiting from college and runs into Sgt. Grey’s daughter, Dominique (a senior in high school) who is interning at the LAPD and assigned to her father’s station that Saturday. Dominique offers to have Henry shadow her, much to both fathers’ chagrin. 


Dominique and Henry discuss their worry over having fathers who are police officers. Dominique shares that her father was shot when she was in middle school. Later they see Grey and Nolan covered in blood after a stop where they had to subdue two wounded men. 


Captain Anderson and Officer Chen respond to a domestic disturbance call where the estranged husband is breaking things and refusing to leave. He says his marriage and his life is over. When Officer Chen goes to escort him out of the house, he breaks away, runs into the bedroom where he keeps a gun and kills himself. 


Sgt. Grey and Officer Nolan pull over an older woman who is swerving and has a broken taillight. Nolan was going to let her go with a warning until they notice her adult son hiding in the back seat. The woman kicks Nolan in the testicles and yells for her son to run, but Grey pulls his gun and arrests them both. 


Officers Bradford and Bishop partner together but each wants to be in charge which causes problems. When a tenant suspects someone has broken into her laundry room, the two argue over who should take point. Bradford, claiming senior officer title, does and ends up getting sprayed by a skunk. Later, Bradford admits that since Bishop was once his boot, he has trouble seeing her as an equal but he was wrong and says she’ll make a great detective. Bishop says there are still things she wants to do on patrol before she goes for the detective position. 


Captain Anderson and Officer Chen respond to a fight over a parking space. One of the men throws a punch; Chen ducks ad it hits Anderson in the face. Anderson later tells Chen that she was a military police officer in the Marines and then worked at the Pentagon before transferring to the LAPD. Chen realizes that many of her officers don’t know what a badass the Captain is. 


When a man takes a hostage at gunpoint the police station because he wants to be sent back to prison, the Captain tackles him, saving the hostage. Several police officers witness the event. 


Later, Anderson tells Chen that the reason she chose her to ride with was that although she still has a lot to learn, she’s impressed with her. 


Grey and Nolan respond to a gas main explosion and have to run into a gas-filled home to rescue the family members. When Grey passes out, Nolan gets him to safety. 


Lopez and Jackson help an attorney track down the man who stole his briefcase. Lopez and the attorney argue the entire time but, eventually, he asks her out, and she asks him to be her date to her brother’s wedding. 

Although Henry admits that he worries about his father, he can see that the job makes him happy. They decide that Nolan will send him a text message with the code word “Turducken” after every shift to let Henry know he is safe. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Riding with the Captain is a huge responsibility. If anything happens to her, well, I don’t even know how to finish that sentence.

Officer Bishop

Officer Nolan: Sgt. Grey, I’d be honored if you rode with Officer West today.
Sgt. Grey: That’s cute, Officer Nolan, but you know my heart belongs to you.
Officer Nolan: Lucky me.