Naomi: I am sowing my oats. These are oats. They're oats that are not married cardiologists.
Addison: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There is nothing going on with Noah, okay. It was a flirtation, but he's married so it's over. At least at a bar there'd be cocktails.
Naomi: Yeah, but the dudes wouldn't be wearing shorts.

Noah: Look, I'm sorry if I ... you know ... I shouldn't have. I don't know what's gotten into me. Putting you in this position. Believing that you had feelings for me. I don't know what's gotten into me.
Addison: You weren't wrong. It wasn't all in your head. But ... I can't let this happen.

Addison: Where's Katie?
Violet: She's still in the birthing suite. She needs some space. I'm afraid I'm not going to get through. She's in there staring at my belly. I represent everything she wants. She hates me for it.
Pete: She doesn't hate you. She just wants something she can't have. And that's hard.

Addison: You shouldn't be here Noah.
Noah: I am coming to you as a doctor, okay, because I did my homework. You're the best neo-natal specialist on the West Coast and I want the best for my wife.
Addison: Well maybe what's best for your wife is to not have a doctor who you're-
Noah: In love with.

Noah: You're here late.
Addison: Yeah, well, you know, babies don't tell time.

Addison: There was definitely flirting. With the surgeon.
Naomi: Uh huh.
Addison: (singing) Cute surgeon, cute surgeon.

Archer: I like women. I like a lot of women. But I am not married to Naomi and she is not the mother of my children.
Addison: Naomi sat by your side when you had surgery. She held your hand. You're upstairs sticking your tongue down her throat, seeing her every day, letting her believe you two have something together.
Archer: I thought I was dying.
Addison: You are asking me to lie for you. You are making me feel dirty, and cheap, and I'm ten years old again. Telling Mother that I went out for ice cream with Daddy, when really I'm sitting in his office while he's screwing his secretary down the hall.

Leanne: (just after giving birth) I want to hold him. Can I hold my little boy? What's wrong?
Addison: It's not a boy.
Mitch: What? The ultrasound was wrong?
Leanne: It's a girl?
Addison: I'm not sure.

Addison: Why rush it?
Naomi: Because I want to go away with my boyfriend. Like a woman. Like a woman with a lover. Lover. Lover, I like that. It's a lot better than boyfriend. He's my lover. What do you think?
Addison: Lover ...
Naomi: No. It sounds stupid. It's so like soap opera.
Addison: No, it's got ...
Naomi: Paramour ...

Addison: Dr Shepherd!
Derek: Dr Shepherd?
Addison: Well if you're going to act like some random surgeon with a God complex, I'm going to speak to you like one.

Derek: Archer's awake and complaining. Am I right? Heought to be happy he's on five of morphine.
Addison: He says his vision is blurry and he would like you to run another CT.
Derek: No.
Addison: No?
Derek: Your brother's an ass. His vision is probably impaired because he can't see past his own ego.

Naomi: (talking about Sam's asthma attack) I never saw an attack this bad before. I mean he wasn't exerting, he wasn't walking through a field of wild, blooming, flowers. He was just in a hospital.
Addison: And yet watching you doting over Archer, he was unable to get oxygen into his lungs. Do I need to draw a picture?

Private Practice Quotes

Sheldon: Grief has its own timeline.
Addison: Wait, wait...what does that mean?
Sheldon: When you can't get off until the ride stops.

Pain is what forces us to grow.


Private Practice Music

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Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down in the valley Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
Song Message From Yuz The Switches