I win sh*t all the time. It's in the bag.

That was Judas thing, rollercoaster's.

I'm the guru of off the grid.

Andy: Say it.
Nancy: Seattle was a bust.

Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh! Ah Sammy Davis Junior!

Nancy: What are you doing? Is that my mascara?
Andy: War paint. You're gonna need back up.
Nancy: You're not coming with me.

Oh I miss Megan.

He peed on my pee - we crossed streams.

(to Nancy) You're an evil succubus and I'll see you soon.

She says that I have the power, but I don't.

Andy: You and I will never right. Just say we'll never.
Nancy: They all die Andy. I like you too much to want you to die.
Andy: Holy cow, you're right! They do all die. You're pussy's a death sentence. A penis fly trap. You're Dr. Kavagian.
Nancy: All right then!
Andy: Wait - Esteban's not dead.
Nancy: Not yet.

Look who gets their spring in their step.

Weeds Quotes

I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy.

Nancy Botwin

You've made your bed, now f**k in it.

Nancy Botwin