Claire: Are you going to talk to her?
Daniel: I think I need to let her go.

Claire: I have a theory...
Betty: What! No. No.

Wilhelmina: Go ahead and unclench everything. We are good. Well as good as we can be.
Claire: Really?
Wilhelmina: Yes really Claire.

I know you got to Tyler - this has your stink all over it.

What was she thinking?! I've seen actual blueberries look less round.

Clarie: I don't mean to cast doubt on this lovely ceremony but is this legally biding?
Betty: Oh yeah, she was an ordained minister before he decided to become an actress slash model. How perfect is that?
Claire: A mother's dream

Betty: Mrs Meade, did you shop lift?
Claire: It's not shoplifting if you can afford the item but don't have the funds on you
Betty: Wait, what? I think that is shoplifting

Claire: I spent the entire time being groped by perverts in Montmarte
Betty: Oh, I'm sorry
Claire: Why? The French still appreciate something finely aged

Claire: ...and your weakness for having sex in public places
Daniel: That was only one time... and that wasn't a public place... until they moved the truck

Please, this is cake. How many rehabs have I been through? At least here you can score a decent glass of toilet wine.

Cut the act Wilhelmina. I'm not Bradford or one of the other suits in that office that can be taken in by your collagen smile and plastic ass

Claire: How'd you get in here, only family is allowed
Wilhelmina: I'm your incredibly tan sister.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Marc, scheming is a lonely business.


Sometimes I feel like I have to take care of everyone, but look at them.