Betty: Hey, if you want something to do, I am looking for a new assistant.
Daniel: Well, maybe I will submit my resume.

Claire: Are you going to talk to her?
Daniel: I think I need to let her go.

Me first Betty, I can't live without you.

May I throw you around the floor for a while?

Daniel: How can you drink this stuff - it tastes like bad breath.
Betty: Oh no I don't drink that stuff.

Is this one of the times you ask me a question when you already know the answer to?

Betty: Put yourself in his shoes.
Daniel: You mean his smelly old cowboy boots.

Excuse me if I don't suck you're blood - it's a little too early to drink some booze.

Underneath that perfect smile - you are an ugly Betty.

You are so cute when you are mortified.

Well when they called my a womanizer at least it sounds sexy - you just made me sound like a jerk.

(about Betty) My sweet little assistant always on hand to get me my water.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Betty Suarez keeping the dream alive for hookers with hammer toe!


Betty: So, you're new. What happened to Robert?
Gio: I think he inherited money... or got arrested. I don't know what happened. There was a lawyer and cash involved.