Hey, Violet. Can you do me a favor? I need you to watch over Noah for me. [pause] You're the only one here.

David: Why in the world would I believe you?
Michael: I don't expect you to. But I need you to protect Noah. Please, Davey. Go get your little brother and keep him safe.

David: You'd destroy an innocent woman's career to save your own ass?
Michael: I've done a lot worse.

It's early to be awake, let alone engaging in physical activity.

You'll say and do anything to get what you want. You're nothing but a pathetic whore.

David: I told you what happened.
Lauren: Your injuries are completely inconsistent with your story David. Do you want to tell me what really happened so I can provide you with appropriate medical treatment?

Ella's a great girl, but she is yet to earn diamond status.

David: You can't tell me you didn't have a good time.
Ella: Don't flatter yourself. I always have a good time.

David: I was trying to help you.
Auggie: Didn't you try to help Sydney, the night she died?

Ask my father if he'd like a tie or a lawsuit for his birthday?

Which knife do you use to cue the tension in here?

David: Everyone is gonna think we hooked up.
Ella: So? It'll give them something to Tweet about.

Melrose Place Quotes

I've never seen a dead body before.


David: I have a life right now that doesn't include you.
Sydney: So, why are you here?