Jane: Did he just look at my boobs?
Maura: 47% of men look at a woman's breasts during a conversation.

You made a bargain with the devil and it has come due.

Hope: What can I do?
Maura: Go back 37 years and sleep with a different man.

Maura: He can't get away with this.
Korsak: I would have said that yesterday. I'm not so sure about today.

Jane: Do you think if I tracked him down in Florida and forced myself to watch him snuggle with his slutty blonde girlfriend I wouldn't miss him so much?
Maura: No. What makes you think she's blonde?
Jane: They're always blonde.

Jane: I see you and Hope geeked out over coffee. That sounds nice.
Maura: It wasn't.

Jane: What are you doing here?
Maura: Everything I can before Popov shows up pickled.

I have processed hundreds of suspects but I never truly understood how humiliating this is.

Maura: It wouldn't hurt you to be charitable.
Jane: I spent $8 on the beer.

There's a potential biological hazard in the baptismal font.

Jane: Where am I going?
Maura: To offer moral support in case Cailin wants another one of my organs.

Maura: You slept with Raphael?
Jane: We didn't sleep, Maura.