Neal is a lot of things, but when it counts you can trust him.

Or maybe you've been chasing him so long you don't know how to stop?

I know that look - you got your eye on the bad guy.

Neal: Espresso?
Peter: I've always liked espresso.
Neal: No more ugly FBI mugs for you. I think you missed your calling - tiny cup big office expensive suits.
Peter: Ugly mugs are fine.
Neal: Don't fight your instincts Peter - embrace your true self.

Peter: If I pull the strings - you think you could land the job?
Neal: Marketing - I could do marketing.

Peter: Can you see me?
Elizabeth: I can.
Peter: Look at us being a modern couple.
Elizabeth: Looks like you have everything you need.
Peter: Not everything. Let me show you the best part of the room you (a framed picture of Elizabeth).
Elizabeth: Awe. Well thanks for bringing me along.

Mozzie: It was nice to see you Mrs. Suit.
Elizabeth: It was nice to see you too Mozz.

Elizabeth: Mozzie? What are you doing here?
Mozzie: Date night.

Peter: Tonight date night - don't be late.
Elizabeth: I wont.

All that pent up animosity leads to sparks.

Mozzie: How often do you say thank you?
Neal: Sarcastically?

Peter: Mozzie has a crush?
Elizabeth: It happens.