Rayna signed us because she loved our songs, not because she saw dollar signs.

I’ve been so wrapped up in us for so long. I need to figure out who I am.

You don't want to have this baby with me. You don't want me period.

We’re having a baby!

Damien [to Scarlett and Gunnar]

Gunnar: What am I supposed to do, Scarlett? To win your trust back. Do I follow you around like a puppy? Do I challenge the guy to a duel because I'll do it, Scarlett, if that's what you want. I'll do anything, just tell me what you want me to do.
Scarlett: I don't know.

Gunnar: You realize I'm kinda screwed here?
Scarlett: How so?
Gunnar: If I put my foot down and tell you not to see him, you'll just resent me. If I turn my cheek and look the other way, you might just be fool enough to run off with the guy.

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Scarlett: I met him for lunch.
Gunnar: So, in other words, you slept with him?
Scarlett: No.
Gunnar: But you're going to.

Scarlett: Gunnar, I’ve made my peace with the past but it doesn’t mean I want other people knowing about it. I’m ashamed of what they might think of me; what a weak person I must be to keep taking you back.
Gunnar: Ok, I’m sorry. But for what it’s worth, I think you’re dead wrong. I think you’re so damn strong. I’m thankful for that. Every day.

Gunnar: I love you and you love me too, right?
Scarlett: Yeah but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

Elton John? I love Elton John.

When have I ever pissed anyone off? Lately!

You gave me back our history. You gave me us. We weren't a lie. What we had was real. What we had was good.

Nashville Quotes

How about we do it the old way?


You know, I don't understand why women say you can't have it all. We've got everything worked out.