Oh - we are going to spice you up so much, you are going to forget you are white.

(to Marc) Did anyone ever tell you that you're a really good person.

That's love right - when you know somebody better than they do and you would do anything in the world to protect them.

Betty and Hilda: Suarez sisters are going to: London!

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Hilda: Justin doesn't walk. He's told me a thousand times: 'Shoes are fashion — not for function.

Nothing says NY like theater.

Hilda: (Showing off her engagement ring) Do my hands look dry?
Betty: Too obvious.

You did it right.

(to Bobby) We can't afford anymore accidents around here!

She actually thinks Emporio Armani and Georgio Armani are brothers! Ha!


You see, it's the little things that'll get you. One day Matt is saying 'Miss you much,' and the next day it's 'Pop! Pop!' Murder-suicide.

Yah, you have mastered email. Welcome to 1993!

Ugly Betty Quotes

Marc: Amanda, are you trying to sabotage young Ryan?
Amanda: Yes I hate him. Mark, you can't just replace yourself with another gay guy
Ryan: I'm not gay.
Amanda: Yeah, right you're in a long distance relationship with a lovely heavy woman

Betty: I'm not gonna let you turn my apartment to in a sex den..
Hilda: It's not about sex, it's about love
Betty: Fine, some love den..
Hilda: If it was just that we could do it in the backseat of his car