Jane: I hate it when you correct me.
Maura: I hate it when you forget about Mr. Adverb.

Angela: Why do you have to be so snippy?
Jane: Why do you have to be so snoopy?

Jane: What is it with the English and their ridiculous hats?
Maura: The Anglican church made women cover their heads.
Jane: With a pink migrating goose.

One date to see Dumb and Dumber doesn't constitute a boyfriend.

If I wanted support like that I would have called my mother.

Why do you have to go straight to breeding, with my brother.

You didn't trust me enough to protect you and you didn't protect me.

Not everyone with a small brain shoots people.

I don't agree with you but I respect what you're doing.

Frankie: I'm waiting for an apology.
Jane: Take a seat. You'll be waiting a long time.

It could be payback for all of the Metallica concerts he made you take him to.

Hey Mom. I couldn't find any Sour Patch so you'll have to settle for Gummy Bears.