I don't want to need you, but I do. I always have.

Nurse: Now don't be disappointed if you don't get very far. It's normal since you're doing this way ahead of schedule.
Juliette: Well the medical director doesn't seem to think it's too soon.
Nurse: Yeah, he's got all those degrees. I just work with people.

Avery: And Maddie, she starts her internship at the studio today.
Juliette: Really? Rayna and Deacon think they can slow her roll?
Avery: That's the plan.
Juliette: Good luck keeping that genie in a bottle.

Juliette: I don't want anyone seeing me like this.
Avery: Juliette, listen to me. You're beautiful, okay? And you're alive. You survived. That's all that matters. It doesn't matter what people think. I mean if anything they'll think you're brave.

I was saved by an angel, you know. That's what I remember. She came and sang to me. She kept me alive.

I'm lucky. That's what they keep telling me.

Whatever. If it was her, I can't blame her. I am responsible for Jeff's death.

That was supposed to be me. I wanted to jump.

Do we have to go to that dinner tonight? Can I wear my PJ's?

Juliette: My life is so complicated right now.
Noah: That's never bothered me.

It's not too late to change your mind, you can always go back.

Who knew an Oscar nomination would be such a pain in the ass?

Nashville Quotes

Zoey: It wouldn't be fair to make you choose.
Gunner: What are you saying?
Zoey: I'm choosing for you.

I guess it's easier to deny needing the occasional hookup, then actually being in love with a man. Isn't it?