If you want to be out here I can show you the ropes but do it because you want to not because you miss her.

Gil: This is outrageous.
Cho: No. Not really. Not yet.

Cho: Well Jane had me pretend to kill a guy once. Are we going further outside the lines than that?
Lisbon: Probably not.
Cho: Then I'm good.

No deals. No bargaining. You're all going to go down together. It'll be a family trip.

Because these Ferraris and Phantoms don't say hand to mouth to me.

Cho: S'mores are better in a microwave. It's true.
Jane: Well, I don't even know what to say to that.

Vega, you fall right now you're going to hit the floor.

A mother like yours isn't going to let you chew bubble gum.

Apology is easy. Trust is earned.

Joseph: Do you think I'm stupid?
Kimball Cho: Maybe, I don't know you yet.

Follow my lead. If you're not sure you should ask a question, don't. Try not to lie to anyone.

I can't work with someone I can't trust.