Myka: Let's go save the world Latimer.
Pete: Whatever you say sweetheart.

Pete: Wow, this is a lot nicer than the Love Me Chapel in Vegas.
Myka: Please tell me you didn't.
Pete: Oh yeah, we did.

Pete: Plan? I will tell you the plan after I ask Myka something. [Pete turns towards Myka] What's the plan?
Myka: Artie, what's the plan?

We did not "whammy" each other and I will prove it, or will die trying.

Claudia: You still speak Pete?
Myka: Recovered, never cured.

Myka: What are you doing?
Pete [noodles in mouth]: He's not going to finish it.
Myka: You really will eat anything.

Helena: I checked; this is what fashionable British archeologists are wearing.
Myka: That is what Hollywood directors think fashionable British archeologists are wearing.
Helena: Well, it is terribly comfortable.

Myka: This is the first test, mind!
Pete: Yeah, as in "I mind if this place kills me!"

Pete: Pancakes!
Myka: Pete do you ever think of anything other than food?

Do people not know how to lie in 1961?

Artie: You spoke to H.G. Wells about official Warehouse 13 matters, and you didn't tell me?
Myka: I was waiting for the right time.
Pete: This ain't it.

Myka: So we can't even pretend to be normal.
Pete: Normal is not really in our wheelhouse.