Open sesame.

Keep it in the dojo Phil.

Your magic sucks eggs.

Maybe you can just shove him in a corner before he starts to smell.

Lisbon: Look, we have a serious problem.
Jane: Yeah, I was really looking forward to a muffin.

You've been LaRoched haven't you?

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Lisbon: You're lying."
Jane: You can't tell that I'm lying.
Lisbon: Yes, I can tell.
Jane: Liar, liar pants on fire.

Ah, profiling blather. Go with your gut.

Aren't we all part of the Justice League? Do you think Aquaman would give Batman a ticket?

The man is begging of some thumb screws.

You said your wife had a migraine last night which is the enabler's code for drunk.

The Mentalist Quotes

Cho: How are you doing?
Rigsby: Good. Solid. Definitely not about to have a heart attack.

Open sesame.