Rose: All this personal growth stuff is stressful.. it's hard figuring out who you want to be
Sage: Frankly I don't know why we started trying. Things were a lot easier when we just shopped... I blame Megan
Sage: Totally

I don't need bullets points to make people agree with me, I have a black AMEX card for that

Rose: I think you're way overreacting
Sage: Umm.. you're obsessing over a fat girl from spacecamp and I'm overreacting? My guy is a religious zealot!
Rose: He goes to church
Sage: Zealot
Rose: That does not make him a zealot...
Sage: Come on, you've seen The Da Vinci Code. What if he's the albino and flogs himself?

Rose [about Luis]: What if he started avoiding you after you told him you never had sex before?
Sage: I would hate him.
Rose: Exactly. Almost as much as I hate emo

Rose: Did you know everyone in this town hates each other?
Sage: Um yeah. It's Palm Beach, not the friggin' midwest

Sage: But what if I'm not fun?
Rose: What are you talking about? You're super fun
Sage: Yeah with you and at like parties and stuff. But you know how you're always saying, school just comes easy for me. Well being adorable just comes easy for you. It's a gift Rose, you should cherish it.

Zack: So what should I do?
Sage: Okay, Rose is a big time romantic, I mean she's seen The Notebook like nine times
Zack: Really? I love that movie
Sage: Yeah, maybe don't share that with everyone. But say if you could be here around six, bring some flowers and just be your dork little self

Sage: I'll need a wing man, are you in?
Rami: What's in it for me?
Sage: Nothing
Rami: I'm in

Sage: I get really mad when my blood sugar gets low
Luis: What's your excuse for the rest of the time?

You have to talk to me eventually, you might need my bone marrow one day

Sage [to Luis]: I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
Luis: Hi, I'm Luis
Marco: He's new
Sage: And now you want to touch me? Do you understand the concept of boundaries, Louis?
Luis: It's Luis
Sage: It's irrelevant

Luis: Nice to meet you
Sage: I wish I could say the same thing, but I hate lying

Privileged Quotes

Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
Megan: Everyone loves Lucille Ball but no one does anything about it.
Boss: This isn't about the hair, though it is really distracting...

Hey lady, i can see your va-jay-jay!

Random kid