Sage: But what if I'm not fun?
Rose: What are you talking about? You're super fun
Sage: Yeah with you and at like parties and stuff. But you know how you're always saying, school just comes easy for me. Well being adorable just comes easy for you. It's a gift Rose, you should cherish it.

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Sage Baker, Rose Baker
Privileged Season 1 Episode 12: "All About the Ripple Effect"
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Privileged Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Rose: Marco, I will pay you for a protein shake
Marco: Your mother already has that covered, but I do accept tips

Luis: the final slice of a garlic clove is the most delicate, you don't want to waste any of this
Marco: Luis, you're a sous chef, not a rabbi, just cut the garlic

Privileged Season 1 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Shadow Shadow Lettie iTunes
Song Kaboom! Ursula 1000 iTunes
Song Drive Ellem