Scarlett: You know when you can't enjoy what you've got because you can't stop thinking about how bad it was when you didn't have it and so you're kinda bracing for that and then you end up screwing up all of the moments. That make sense?
Deacon: Far too much.

Scarlett: You know I really love you but you can be a real idiot.
Deacon: There seems to be a mounting consensus to that effect.

Gunnar: I love you and you love me too, right?
Scarlett: Yeah but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

I realized that I'm in love with you, Gunnar.

I say this with love, but court-mandated community service does not exactly drive your point home.

Just for the record, I'm not better than anybody else, but I sure as hell want where I'm going to be better than where I came from.

Gunnar: You can't keep fighting it, Scarlett. Everything that just happened on that stage, the energy, the connection, you and me. It's all still there. I felt it, and I know you felt it too.
Scarlett: Well, as somebody once said to me, all I felt was music.

Gunnar: Wanna help me set up our band's Twitter profile?
Scarlett: We already have a Twitter profile?
Gunnar: Of course. We got to generate publicity. We just need a photo, that's all.
Scarlett: Why?
Gunnar: Well, if you don't upload a photo, then you're just an egg, and no one takes you seriously when you're just an egg.

Scarlett: Say hi to Maddie for me.
Deacon: Why's she 'Facetiming' me now?
Scarlett: 'Cause you're her dad, and she wants time with your face.

Terry: I aint afraid. You're the one who's afraid. Pretending you don't want what you've been pushing on me.
Scarlett: I'm not pushing anything on you, I'm trying to help you. I don't want that!
Terry: I sang with you. I felt it, and you did too. So either that makes you a liar or a coward.

The best way for people like us to deal with all them feelings is to write them down.

Deacon: What?
Scarlett: I didn't say nothing.
Deacon: Well you didn't say it pretty damn loud.

Nashville Quotes

Ashley Willerman is the smartest person in the world, you didn't know that? She's a true genius; never does anything wrong.


Rayna! I'm done talking.