Silas: She’s never going to forgive me.
Andy: First things first, you need to apologize. Good Lord and Creator made us fellable creatures. And who knows, maybe it’ll all be fine. Maybe she wont lose Stevie. She’ll probably lose Stevie but she’d kill Jill first. Maybe she’d have Shane do it.

You know how I said the only two things she really cares about are her business and herself? There’s one other thing.

Silas: You had Emma arrested.
Nancy: Emma had Emma arrested.
Silas: That's bullshit.
Nancy: That's business.

Shane: He downloaded our database.
Silas: Fucking rat.
Shane: I prefer the term informant.

Ema: Ever been to therapy?
Silas: I already fucking know: it's all about my mom.

Do you guys have a body count? Cause the Botwins do.

First you fucked me. Thanks. Then you fucked my business. And then randomly my Uncle's bike shop.

Nancy: The safe?
Silas: Never told her the combo.
Nancy: That must be second date material.

Nancy: Does he mean any less to you?
Silas: No. You do.

Nancy: Be the man.
Silas: Be the mom.

Silas: When Nancy tells us to go to college, what do we do?
Shane: We buy hot tubs!
Silas: Free at last, my brother!

Shane: Couldn't stay away, huh?
Silas: Like you always said, I'm not very bright.