This place smells like barf!

Sue: We've lost the true meaning of Halloween: fear.

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If your students wanna praise God, I suggest they enroll in Sweet Holy Mother of God Academy on St. Jesus Street.

[to Blaine] This is contraband and if I catch you with your hand up the butt of anything that isn't human, you're in a world of trouble.

A person that has to pump her naughties full of gravy to feel good about herself clearly doesn't have the self-esteem to be my head cheerleader.

Sue: I'm sorry, what did you say?
Superintendent: You're fired.

You took away my Cheerios. Continue this the opening salvo of World War Sue.

You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.

Allow me to ladle you a piping hot bowl of This is How It Is.

You think this is hard? I have hepatitis. That's hard!

Sue Sylvestor

I hate you both.

You're too busy chasing tail and loading your hail with enormous amounts of product. Today, it just looks like you put lard in it.

Glee Quotes

I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.


Blaine Warbler, I'm gonna rock your world.