Teddy: So you and I, we're good?
Jeff: Well I am, yeah, but I'm not an elected official. Loose lips sink ships, buddy. And not only does Rayna know why you got blackmailed, but so does everyone else Henry Benton shares it with. Nicely played Mr. Mayor.

Rayna: Are you thinking this is just going to make you the cool Dad or do you really think this is a good idea?
Teddy: Yes I do, and I have every right to make decisions regarding my daughter's life?
Rayna: Not if I can help it you don't.

A statement's not gonna be enough. Not in this day and age, not now with the internet and this 24-hour news cycle.

Deacon: I don't think part of her punishment should be taking away her music.
Teddy: Music is the problem and you can feel free to give me parenting advice once you've actually raised a child for 14 years.

I loved the woman I thought I knew. I never would've married this. Or done what I did.

Well, life's too short to hold on to resentment. It's toxic, isn't that what you told me?

Ask your sister why she didn't testify on your father's behalf. Ask her what your father's capable of because she knows better than anybody.

When I was sworn in, I promised to clean up the city. And everyone knows that any business with Wyatt Industries, is dirty business.

You promised me that I wouldn't lose her, I'm promising you the same thing.

Rayna: What happened to you?
Teddy: I took your father's advice, and I grew a pair.

Yeah, it just feels right being with you. I mean, honestly, Peggy, it's the only time I ever feel like myself anymore.

All I wanna do is win you back.

Nashville Quotes

I really think that I have earned the freedom from this family and the mountain of crap that we have built. I'm out.

Rayna [to Tandy]

You couldn't wait for me. And you didn't.