Great human destruction, I guess we'll have to hope for the former.

Walternate: Oh, and another thing, Olivia Dunham has agreed to submit to the tests developed by science division and these tests are stressful. If she becomes unstable in anyway.
Broyles: If I see any unusual behavior I'll let you know.

Nature doesn't recognize good and evil Philip. Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance. I intend to restore balance to our world. Whatever it takes.


Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go.


Genetically you are exact replicas, you and the other Olivia. It means theoretically you both should be capable of the same things.


Can't you see, that the brain in consciousness. The mind is God. There are no limits except for those that we impose on ourselves.

Brandon: Do you miss it?
Walternate: Miss what?
Brandon: Being a scientist?
Walternate: I'm still a scientist Brandon; I just have a much larger laboratory.

Walter: I need to go back to the market, aspirin. We need to go to the market.
Broyles: Is he ok?
Peter: Well he's Walter, define ok.

Unless this buried treasure had legs of its own, wouldn't that be delightful?

When Peter, my Peter, died. I lost all hope. The only thing that kept me alive was Elizabeth and my window into your world.

Walter: 10th street, I frequented a massage parlor just around the corner. I used to get off right here.
Peter: I sure hope you're talking about the station Walter.

Walternate: Did you see the incidence footage?
Broyles: Yes sir.
Walternate: Do you know what I'm thinking?
Broyles: That there's only one person in Fringe Division that can make a shot like that.
Walternate: It's working.

Fringe Quotes

Etta: It's an egg stick.
Walter: What a miserable future.

Walter: Feel it Peter.
Peter: Oh really, can I?
Walter: He's dead, Peter, you can't hurt him.
Peter: Not really what I was concerned about.

Fringe Music

  Song Artist
Song Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson iTunes
Dear mr fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes