Doing the right thing can make things a little better, especially if we do it together.


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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 13: "Seven Reasons"
The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes, The Good Doctor Quotes
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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Nasha: I didn't expect this from you.
Shaun: I made a statement.
Nasha: But you're different.
Shaun: I have autism.
Nasha: You've experienced bigotry.
Shaun: Yes.
Nasha: Have people refused to serve you? Have you seen people change their flight because of you? Have people cursed you out before you've opened your mouth?

Shaun: Jared saved her life. If he hadn't acted so quickly, she would have died and that would have been your fault.
Melendez: Yes, it would have.
Shaun: You should thank him.
Melendez: Thank you, Dr. Kalu.