Clay: I don't think I wanna go back to Green Team.
Stella: What do you mean? Do... Do you wanna go back to operating?
Clay: If we weren't anchored here, where would you wanna go? Like, if you could pursue whatever you wanted, wherever, raise Brian anywhere?
Stella: Why?
Clay: Because so much of our life has just been about me. You know, my job, my schedule, my struggles.
Stella: Mm-mm, no, no, no. They're ours. Come on, writer. I'm serious. Tell me the next chapter.
Stella: Oh, God... Okay. Mm, Mendocino Coast. A little clapboard cottage. Um, I teach and I work on my novel, which is, of course, brilliant, but still very much best-seller accessible. And the three of us, we go on a walk every sunset on the beach.
Clay: Yeah. If you're asking.
Stella: I am.
Clay: Look, I've been talking to Ash about picking our TBI crusade back up, but I can do that from anywhere.
Stella: You're actually serious?
Clay: Ever since we met, I never wanted to stop surprising you.

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SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8: "Aces and Eights"
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SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Sonny: Please tell me that was Command calling telling us that we're going back to work. Because it's been over a week and I'm starting to go crazy.
Ray: No, it was Naima, just some vet center stuff.

Ray: All right, what'd I miss? What did I miss?
Jason: Brock massages.