Leela: After 14 years of graduate school, Farnsworth settled into the glamorous life of a scientist: Fast cars, trendy nightspots, beautiful women - the Professor designed them all working out of his tiny, one-room apartment.

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Futurama Season 2 Episode 15: "A Clone of My Own"
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Futurama Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Farnsworth: Thank you all for saving me. Especially you, my little clone. No matter what you decide to do with your life, I'm still proud of you.
Cubert: I've already decided. Dad, when I grow up I wanna be just like you.
Farnsworth: Don't worry, son, you will. Incidentally, you might want to read up on a condition known as "wandering bladder".
Cubert: Why?
Farnsworth: No reason. No reason at all.

Guardbots: Seize them!/Seize them!/Seize them!/Seize them!/Seize them!
Guardbot: Get them! I mean, seize them!