Lavinia: You spent all of your money on a shack in New Orleans, and now you just expect me to drop everything and come with you?
Ship: Well, yeah. It’s the 19th century. You’re my wife. I make the decisions.
Lavinia: OK, have you been listening to anything that I’ve been saying to you this whole time?
Ship: Babe, NOLA is so chill. You’re gonna love it.
Lavinia: There is a civil war stating. I am not moving to Louisiana. I’d never see my family again. Not to mention, I’d be on the wrong side of history.
Ship: Hey, the South’s not all bad. The planation system, it’s more like an aristocracy…
Lavinia: Slavery is bad, Ship.
Ship: I thought you were all about keeping an open mind.
Lavinia: Not in this case.
Ship: Come on. It’ll be charming. You’ll be a Southern belle.
Lavinia: I am a shrewd Yankee witch. Respect that.
Ship: I don’t get it. You want me to leave you here and move down to NOLA and marry some cotton king’s daughter?
Lavinia: No, you can marry me. We just have to stay in Amherst and keep things loose and nonexclusive.
Ship: Forget it, forget it man. I’m already way in over my head on this shack.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10: "You cannot put a Fire out"
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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sue: Where is Emily?
Austin: At home I imagine. She doesn’t usually come to church.
Sue: You know I still haven’t seen her since her poem was published. It’s like she’s hiding from me.
Austin: Yes, well, I’d leave her alone if I were you.
Sue: But I have things I need to say to her.
Austin: I imagine she knows them already.

Ship: I’m glad we worked things out, baby.
Lavinia: Me too.
Ship: So now you can say good-bye to your whole family because we’re moving to New Orleans.
Lavinia: Wait, what?
Ship: We can talk about this later.