Mandy: Here is what we know. The Leadville killer was never found, and Mr. Alzate is the Leadville killer.
Kyle: Woah, we don't know that.
Mandy: He fits the profile. We can place him in the area of the killings, and he won't talk about his time there. That evidence is not just circumcisional.
Kyle: So, what are you saying?
Mandy: I am saying, it may be time to go to the police.
Kyle: Oh no! I will drop dead twice before I rat out Mr. A to Johnny Law and that is detective speak for no way.
Mandy: Wait, so you wouldn't turn Ed in even if he killed all those people?
Kyle: He has been like a father to me. Although, I did turn my father in. But he was like a stranger to me.

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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 10: "Three for the Road"
Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Mandy: This is so exciting! I still think it was the football coach. He left the high school at 4:00 and went to the bank. The second victim was found on a river bank. Coincidence?
Kyle: You know I think it was the town butcher. I mean, for one thing, he was the town butcher!
Mandy: What about those four John Doe's? Clearly, they are related.

Ryan: Look when you take Boyd for the weekend, it takes me a week to deprogram all the fascist ideas you teach him.
Mike: Well, then why did you want me to go fishing with him?
Ryan: Because you also teach him things that I can't. Okay. And he thinks you are the greatest. And it drives me crazy.
Mike: I love every single thing you just said.